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FLY Online Tools provides innovative online solutions for flight scheduling, operations, aircraft maintenance and flight training syllabus tracking.
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Introducing Integrated Maintenance, Flight Operations, and Accounting

Our mission is to enable maximum efficiency in your operations and accounting.

Share data between Flight Operations and Maintenance.

Aircraft tach times and maintenance reminder status can be shared across our platforms so everyone in your organization automatically sees up to date maintenance information.

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Integrate Accounting with Quickbooks Online.

Save more time than ever before by seamlessly leveraging your Quickbooks Online account to share inventory, create invoices, and receive payments.

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Track and manage your parts Inventory.

Find the right inventory level for your parts supply based on your usage trends.

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About FLY Online Tools

Our mission is to help your aviation company grow and operate as efficiently as possible.

Aircraft A&P and pt 145 Repair Stations

A&P and pt 145 shops use Quantum MX Aircraft Maintenance Solution by FLY Online Tools

Our Quantum MX solution is battle tested in A&P shops and pt. 145 repair stations yielding significant business performance results. With Quantum MX you can efficiently manage work orders, purchase orders, and aircraft reminders (fleet status). The work order process is optimize to integrate parts control, estimating, invoicing and document generation. Quantum MX includes custom document form-fill technology that allows you to produce pt 145 compliant documents that are based on digital work order / aircraft data.

Quickly search logbooks and work history and find answers to questions like: "When was the last time the alternator was overhauled?" or "How many hours are on this vacuum pump?"

Quantum MX is designed to support small to medium General Aviation A&P shops and repair stations. If you have a small A&P shop with one or two mechanics, please take a closer look. Quantum MX can help you spend less time doing paperwork, and more time inspecting and repairing aircraft for a low monthly price.

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Aircraft Operators, Flight Schools, Flying Clubs

Flying Clubs, Aircraft Operators, Flight Schools use FLY Online Tools Chronos Flight Scheduler

Our Chronos flight scheduling and accounting solution integrates flight usage logging, maintenance tracking, and client invoicing and payment collecting, freeing you from the hassles of paper ledgers, spreadsheets and manual invoice creation.

Do you feel like your operation is burdened by time consuming scheduling, dispatching, and accounting operations? We have optimized our products by studying the workflows of many flight schools, flying clubs and rental operators. Chronos is the perfect fit.

  • Our modern, online web-based systems are mobile responsive so they work beautifully on personal computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Your customers will value easy online scheduling with an integrated account history including usage tracking, billing and integrated credit card payments.
  • Our integrated analytics and reports will help you predict maintenance and see trends in your operations and customer behavior.
  • If you operate a maintenance department, our integrated solutions will provide seamless updates of aircraft tach times and maintenance reminder status between all departments in your organization.
  • Our exclusive club model features help you manage membership access, monthly dues payments, and free flying credits.
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As your business grows with more employees, your price remains the same. Our pricing model is based upon additional product capabilities and not user limits.

Data Storage Limitations

Online service for all products includes unlimited storage for database data.

File Storage Limitations

Online service for all products includes 1GB of file storage space for file attachments. Additional storage may be purchased for an addon fee. Contact for details.

Migrate Your Existing Data

If you are already using spreadsheets or competitor's product and have been frustrated with their product or costs, please let us know. Our support staff can help you migrate your existing data for a smooth transition to our system.

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Features & Benefits

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Features & Benefits

  • Full integration with Quickbooks Online
  • Online Calendar Based Scheduling
  • Works Beautifully on Mobile Device Browsers (Mobile Responsive)
  • Usage Logging / Tracking
  • Pilot Qualifications Policy Enforcement
  • Predictive Maintenance Reminders
  • Customer Accounting Statements
  • FREE Integrated Credit Card Payments (using your Gateway, or Quickbooks Online Service)
  • Flying Club Model Supports Membership Dues Enforcement
  • Business Analytics
  • SSL Encryption Security
  • 24/7 Online Access
  • Support for Custom Resources (e.g. Headsets, rental iPad/Foreflight)
  • Unlimited Aircraft, Flight Instructors, Simulators, etc.
  • Seamless update of aircraft maintenance status with our Quantum MX product.

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Run your aircraft maintenance shop more efficiently than ever before by managing aircraft, work orders, parts and logbook entries in a slick online tool. If your shop is WiFii enabled, your mechanics can use Quantum MX on the shop floor to increase their time on aircraft and minimize paper pushing.

Features & Benefits

  • Manage Work Orders, Discrepancies, Work Performed, Parts Installed and Logbook Entries.
  • Manage labor and timekeeping.
  • Generate custom documents from templates using work order data (great for pt. 145).
  • Generate and store logbook entries.
  • Attach files to aircraft, work orders, logbook entries (e.g. STC paperwork, photos, borescope videos, ADs, SBs)
  • Keep track of Parts ordering and receiving.
  • Deep text searching of aircraft parts, logbooks and work order history.
  • Seamless update of maintenance status information with our Chronos Scheduling and Operations product.
  • Full integration with Quickbooks Online invoice generation.
  • Proven in pt 145 FAA Repair Stations, component repair shops and A&P shops.

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$40/month - unlimited student enrollments

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General Aviation flight training needs a facelift. This is it.

Features & Benefits for Flight Schools / Flight Instructors

  • Build your own training content: syllabuses, lessons, elements, questions and quizzes.
  • Organize your lessons.
  • Standardize all flight instructors under one training program.
  • Log and visualize student completions of all required training elements.
  • Carry all training materials on your tablet.
  • Be more organized and teach more students simultaneously.

Features & Benefits for Students

  • Read, Study, and Quiz online.
  • Carry all training materials on your tablet with a quick reference to your current lesson.
  • Study for your knowledge test using integrated test prep questions and quizzes.
  • Print a PDF of your training record for your check ride.
  • Pass your checkride by being more organized and ensuring that you have covered all of the FAA requirements.

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