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FLY Online Tools Privacy Statement

Effective: January 1, 2014

FLY Online Tools is a provider of aviation related online software products that serve Flight Schools, Flying Clubs, Aircraft Rental Operators, Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) shops, and part 145 Repair Stations. FLY Online Tools products include:

Personal information that is collected by FLY Online Tools will be treated in the manner set out below.

1. Does FLY Online Tools share the information we collect?

No information is shared with any third party. FLY Online Tools does not sell or share client email addresses, addresses, or phone numbers to any party. Conversational information provided by clients to FLY Online Tools is treated as strictly confidential and never shared with any other party. Emails exchanged between clients and FLY Online Tools are stored securely and are never forwarded or shared with any other party. Access to all servers is protected by HTTPS security. Clients who administer their online service are encouraged to use strong passwords to protect their admin account access.

No client information contained within our servers is shared with any third party. Clients who operate flight schools, flying clubs, maintenance facilities, repair stations, or any other form of business, will accumulate data in their FLY Online Tools cloud server. FLY Online Tools will never share this information, but may perform statistical analysis on client data to help identify server performance issues or improve our products and services.

2. Where does FLY Online Tools data reside?

Data locations. FLY Online Tools servers and data centers are located in the United States. All information contained within FLY Online Tools databases is hosted and located in the United States.

3. How are passwords stored?

All passwords are one-way encrypted. All passwords are encrypted before being stored in FLY Online Tools databases using a one-way algorithm. Encrypted passwords cannot be decrypted.

4. Is data shared with other aviation associations?

No data is shared with aviation associations (like the AOPA, NBAA or EAA). FLY Online Tools and its staff may maintain membership in various aviation associations. FLY Online Tools will not share data of any kind with such organizations, including: pilot information, aircraft information, or aircraft utilization statistics.

5. Use of Credit Card Information.

Credit card numbers are not stored on our servers. During the sign up process, clients will enter their credit card information to purchase a FLY Online Tools online product. The credit card number is transmitted securely to the FirstData PayEez merchant gateway and converted to a secure TransArmor token. The TransArmor token is then stored in FLY Online Tools databases and used to make recurring charges to the client's credit card. TransArmor tokens, once created, cannot be falsely used to create credit card payments to any vendor other than FLY Online Tools.

Read more about the FirstData TransArmor solution at:

6. Data Security

FLY Online Tools data is stored in world class datacenters located in the United States. Security controls provided by our datacenter facilities includes but is not limited to:

Systems are protected through key based authentication and physical security of development computers. Nightly backups are stored in multiple cloud-based and off-cloud locations.